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The Fixed & Mobile market from a specialist headhunter’s perspective

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With the emphasis at present being the evolution of service provider infrastructure to manage digitization, the role of operators in everyday life is changing. Operators are going to need to create new strategies to seize every opportunity to monetize data and subscribers, and ultimately reduce overheads, whilst increasing profits and improving customer experience. Juggling many balls at once has historically been the biggest challenge for service providers and, as such, is the reason why telecommunications – despite being the backbone to connectivity of all industries, from media entertainment to utilities – has been the slowest to digitize its own operations and actually profit from this evolution! Operators have simply looked on from the side-lines, as their customers in industries from retail, to healthcare, to financial services and more have reaped the benefits of highly bespoke and engaging digital experiences. To that end, opportunities are beginning to arise in the operator market, as these organisations align their strategies to present their customers with a comprehensive service across all platforms and channels. It is vital that their offerings become representative of a modern technology age, where handsets offer, in some instances, more services than our networks can actually facilitate.

Consumer demand has now reached a global peak, driving the need for digitization and a seamless network connection, as people at home and in transit seek to access more information, entertainment and interaction via applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook. It was just the other day that I sat on a crowded commuter train, and looked up to see every single person in view looking down at his or her mobile phone. This was one train, at one moment in the day, with no more than 100 people present. Imagine the impact on the operator network if every person on every single train in the UK was performing this same action, at this same point in time! Consequently, operators are having to increase their investment in infrastructure to facilitate such activities. This creates vast opportunity for qualified professionals to offer their services to the operators, to help them achieve their goals in ultimately maintaining a happy customer base. As consumers, we always want the latest bit of kit, the hottest new technology or applications, and operators who realise this are the ones that will benefit the most. Creating new, innovative, and personalized services, and ensuring that we are charged properly for these, is what will generate the best rates of customer acquisition and retention. Let’s face it, as consumers we are fickle: we will go wherever we receive the best value for money.

To that end, here at Emerald Technology – and specifically in the Fixed & Mobile business unit – we are tracking the technology innovators in this market very closely, helping them to establish and grow their solutions within operator networks. We have a whole team dedicated to obtaining market intelligence, identifying the key players in each technology area, and speaking to the very best individuals within these companies. Utilising this knowledge, we are able to assist vendors, integrators and operators in making more effective financial investments to yield optimum results in terms of personnel and, more importantly, global expansion.

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Written by

William Bourne
Emerald Technology – Fixed and Mobile Business Unit Team Leader