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The candidate dilemma – Improving customer service levels

Customer Service

For many professionals, recruiters and head hunters are held in low regard. This can be attributed to the shoddy work of a select demographic, which has scarred the face of the recruitment industry with a universal reputation of poor service.

Do a quick Google search for ‘Recruiters are…’, and you will instantly pull up an extravagant array of popular search results, which should provide some insight into people’s opinions on our industry.

Many recruiters claim to hold core values that are essential to their culture and operation; commonly including a myriad of nouns such as ‘integrity’, ‘trust’, ‘communication’, and ‘professionalism’. Often, however, these values are either not upheld at all, or seem to only apply to their clients, and not their candidates.

At Emerald Technology, we feel that candidate satisfaction is extremely important, and is far simpler to achieve than commonly assumed. It all boils down to basic customer service – building relationships with our candidates, and having the ability to manage their expectations. After all, it is often better to under promise and over deliver, than to promise the world and fall short.

Now, let’s not be oblivious to the facts. Recruiters, like the professionals we place, are very busy people. They’re calling a multitude of candidates for numerous roles and, inevitably, a few things fall by the wayside. Most often, these ‘things’ happen to be candidates. Whether actively seeking opportunities or not, they have busy lives, so it is unreasonable to expect it to be their responsibility to maintain regular contact.

We realise that candidates actually appreciate a short e-mail or SMS, simply to touch base, even if there is no update to speak of. As a result, we are implementing a customer service team, dedicated to keeping in touch with candidates. This is a work in progress for us, so we may not get around to contacting you immediately, but we will endeavour to get in touch as soon as possible.

Additionally, we operate on a number of Social Media channels, which we encourage candidates and clients to utilise if they have queries regarding processes or the services we provide.

Links to social media can be found below:

We’re happy to be making steps towards a smoother candidate-consultant relationship, that we hope will start to sway people’s opinions on the recruitment industry in a positive direction.