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Red Nose Day 2015 – Pics from the day

For Red Nose Day this year Emerald Technology held an auction and vote to nominate an unsuspecting employee that would be subjected to a bucket of bright green goo being poured over their head.

Throughout the day votes were cast by the team members here in the UK, and at 4:30 the results were announced. In 3rd place Jasmine Taylor, one of the illustrious Researchers from our Security team. In 2nd place the magnanimous Sean Osborne the Director of Business Development, and in 1st place, with a landslide of 64 votes, Ruby Deb-Matharoo the Security team leader.

Ruby accepted her fate with a speech

Ruby graciously accepted her fate by ‘thanking’ us all for voting for her. Thanking is probably the wrong word!


Sean Osborne was the highest bidder to be the ‘Gungerer’ and donned his banana yellow onesie.


Ruby in her spotted Leopard onesie.


The Gungee and Gunger!


The aftermath. We definitely required another two buckets of goop.

In total the UK office raised almost £300 for the event.