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Social Media recruiting for beginners

Social Media Recruiting

To get the best possible candidates it helps to have a wide pool of talent to choose from. With this in mind, many companies use multiple marketing mediums with which to attract new staff, from billboard advertising at train stations to attending graduate events.

Whether you’re recruiting for entry level staff or even senior level professionals, Social Media Recruiting can be an excellent tool for hiring purposes. Here are some things to keep in mind:

1.Chose your platforms

Depending on how much time you have to dedicate to the use of social media or the size of the team you possess to do so, it’s probably worth prioritising certain channels when using Social Media for recruitment purposes. The top four in no particular order would probably be Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Google+. So which one should you use? Well it really just depends on the audience you’re targeting. Sit down and think about which channels will be most effective and prioritise the top channels.

2. Encourage your current employees to follow and share

Always utilise your employees networks, their connections may well be seeking a new role, or may know someone who is. This works well in combination with a referral program – if you incentivise your employees to refer new staff, they’ve more reason to get involved with your recruitment activity.

3. Create a social media content strategy

Before you start, sit down and create a content strategy specifically tailored to Social Recruiting. It needs to detail your aims, target audience and key messages, and outline a pipeline of content. This will ensure your social media efforts remain targeted, consistent and maximise your results.

4. Mix it up

Don’t just send out job roles constantly. Try sharing photos of current employees and positive reviews, talk about the perks and incentives, and highlight what’s great about your workplace. Try to highlight benefits other than salary too!

5. Cross share between platforms

There will probably be some overlap between your audiences on different platforms, there is no harm in utilising content on multiple platforms. Whenever possible, encourage followers to follow you on other platforms as this can boost interest generally increase your coverage across the board.

6. Make things visual

Social Media engagement rates tend to spike substantially with the use of images or video. We’re all drawn to images and videos over plain text, try creating some visual content to stimulate peoples interest. Video is a great medium for this and can dramatically increase engagement with your audience.

7. Measure, rinse, repeat

As with any marketing, you will need to measure your social media activity. You can achieve this by using link tracking services such as Bitly or by using google analytics and checking out the referral stats. If you can’t measure your efforts, you cannot see where you need to improve.

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